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Helium Tank 24 Hours or More Rental - Tank B.

Helium Tank 24 Hours or More Rental - Tank B.

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The Price showed is for 24 H rental only starting from the Delivery date and time. 
Please select an option to extend the rental duration.

Rental Includes:
  • 1 x Helium Tank B.
  • 1 x Regulator (Head Nozzle).
Quantity to inflate:
The approximated quantity of balloons that you can inflate with depending on the balloon size is:
  • 9 inches Latex balloons: 200 balloons 


  • 11 inches Latex balloons: 100 balloons 


  • 16 inches Latex balloons: 33 balloons 


  • 30 inches Latex balloons: 6 balloons 


We advise all balloons to be inflated 2 to 3 hours before the event. Especially for latex balloons (9" and 11"):

  • Average floating time for 9 inches Latex - 7 Hours.
  • Average floating time for 11 inches Latex - 12 Hours.
  • Average floating time for 16 inches Latex - 20 Hours.
  • Average floating time for 30 inches Latex - 48 Hours.

A security deposit of 200$+tax will be automatically added to your cart and will be kept until the end of the rental term.

Balloons, Weights, and Ribbons are not included and are sold separately:

Useful information:

  • Tank Height: 1 meter.
  • Tank Weight: 10 Kg.
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