FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: Why we recommand the balloons for indoor ?

Answer 1: All Balloons no matter who is the supplier, might be impacted with the outside weather:

    • Hot weather might expand the Helium gas or Air inside balloons (may cause balloon popping).
    • Cold weather might shrink the Helium gas or Air inside balloons.

 💡Quick Tips:

    • Avoid putting balloons on sun's direction.
    • Put Balloons in shaddow.  


    Question 2: What's the floating time for balloons?

    Answer 2: The majority of our Balloons will float for a minimum of 48 hours. It might be longer depending on the weather, humidity... For us, we guarantee them no more than that. Please check the item's description, we always mention the floating time.



    Question 3: Why my payment failed for zip code validation ?

    Answer 3: You need to enter the information of the billing address related to your credit card at the checkout (DO NOT USE the shipping address unless if they are the same). It's security step to validate that the person who's ordering is the owner of the card.


    Question 4: Why my credit card is debited even though I got a zip code validation error during the payment process?

    Answer 4: If your payment failed due to zip code validation (discover why: Question 3 in FAQs) and you did see your credit statement debited.
    When such a situation happens, It means that we didn't get your order and we didn't get any payment from you as well.
    So we have no refund to send you because we didn’t get your money.

    Please allow a few days and it will automatically disappear from your credit card statement (based on previous experiences with other costumers).
    If you don't want to wait please check with your bank (it's out of our control).



    Question 5: Comment placer une commande? 🎈🎈 How Can I Place My Order ?

    Answer 5: Vous pouvez ajouter les items désirés au panier.
    À la page du panier, vous pouvez choisir le ramassage au magasin ou une livraison avec le choix de la date et de l'heure.
    You can add to the cart the desired items.
    On the cart page, you can choose pickup at the store or delivery to your address with the desired date and time.